Anguilla Company Incorporation

Anguilla company incorporation is regulated by the Anguilla International Business Companies Act of 2000. Offshore company incorporation in the offshore tax haven of Anguilla is quite simple. An Anguilla offshore company must be registered by a registered agent who has been licensed by an authority in the offshore tax haven. For offshore company formation in Anguilla the registered will prepare the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association which will be presented to the Registrar of Companies who will in turn give the offshore company a Certificate of Incorporation is the Registrar is satisfied that all the requirements for offshore company incorporation has been meet. The information filed with the Registrar of Companies has been listed below.

  • A proposed name for the company

  • The registered address in Anguilla

  • Name and address of the registered agent

  • The number of shares the company will issue

  • The classes of shares

  • State if shares can be transferred

  • Names and addresses of shareholders and company directors

  • The types of business operations the Anguilla company intends to undertake

  • The by-laws of the company

The laws which govern Anguilla offshore company formation clearly state that companies will not be incorporated with names which are offensive or names which have already been used in the tax haven. Anguilla companies must include one of the following words or its abbreviation at the end of the name chosen for Anguilla business establishement, same as Panama companies registration,; Corporation, Incorporated, Limited, Sociedad Anonima, Société Anonyme among others.

Anguilla company incorporation will provide many advantages; Anguilla is an offshore tax haven where no taxes are levied on the incomes which an Anguilla company has generated outside of the offshore tax haven. Anguilla company formation produces a corporation which is protected by privacy laws in Anguilla tax haven where offshore company information including names of shareholders and other important information remains private.

Anguilla offshore company incorporation is affordable and can be completed in one (1) working day.