Bahamas Company Incorporation

Bahamas company incorporation is the offshore incorporation of offshore corporations in the offshore jurisdiction of the Bahamas. Offshore company incorporation has taken place for over a decade in the Bahamas and the legislation which governs Bahamas offshore company is the Bahamas International Business Act.

For Bahamas company incorporation the standard procedure is the preparation of the Memorandum of Association ad Articles of Association. These documents are submitted to the authority responsible for incorporating offshore companies in the Bahamas. This must be accompanied by a mandatory registration fee. The Registrar of Companies reviews all the information submitted and if it meets the requirements of Bahamas offshore company registration laws then a Certificate of Incorporation will be issued making the Bahamas offshore company a legal business company. To incorporate offshore company in Bahamas the following is required:

• The name of the offshore company
• The name and addresses of the registered agent
• A Bahamas registered address for the company
• The authorized share capital
• The currency of authorized share capital
• The number of shares the company will issue
• The par value of shares
• The classes of shares must be stated
• The powers, limitations, voting rights, preferences and rights of each class of shares
• Companies limited by guarantee must issue a statement declaring that members of the company will take up the liability and debt of the company in case of winding up or other circumstances
• By laws of the company

Bahamas company incorporation takes place with one shareholder and one company director. Bahamas company registration will not be completed of the name chosen for the offshore corporation is one which has been used in the offshore jurisdiction of the Bahamas. Name reservation can be done for offshore company incorporation in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas offshore company can do business anywhere and can carry out any business operation which it has been licensed to undertake.