Belize Company Incorporation

Belize company incorporation is effected in the offshore tax haven of Belize. Belize offshore company incorporation has taken place from 1990 when Belize International Business Companies Act was first passed. This legislation has since been amended and offshore company formation in Belize (Belize IBC) has since grown. Belize offshore company incorporation is carried out by offshore services providers or registered agent in the jurisdiction.

A Belize offshore company once incorporated is a legal entity who can engage in carrying out business operations outside of the jurisdiction of Belize. The Belize offshore company benefits from tax exemptions from local forms of taxations in Belize. Belize company incorporation provides clients with a business company which is protected by privacy laws in the country.

Belize company incorporation must be carried out by registered agents who prepare documents and apply for company registration. The documents which are filed with the Registrar of Companies are the Memorandum of Association and the Articles of Association. A Certificate of Incorporation is given to Belize offshore companies who have met incorporation requirements. The information below must be filed.

  • Company name

  • Name and address of the registered agent

  • The number of shares, classes of shares to be issued

  • The pr value of shares

  • The purpose for forming the Belize companies

  • The rights, powers, privileges and restrictions of each class of shares must be stated

  • State if one class of shares can be exchanged for another

  • The currency in which share capital is issued

  • Names and address of shareholders and directors

  • By-laws of the company

A minimum of one shareholder and one director is required for Belize company formation. The same individual can fill the position of shareholder and director for a Belize Corporation. Corporate directors and shareholders can be used for Belize incorporation. The names chosen for Belize company incorporation must be unique.

Belize company incorporation is done in one day.