Dominica Company Incorporation

Dominica remains a very safe jurisdiction for offshore incorporation. Dominica company incorporation is efficient and reliable, able to be completed in one working day provided that the agent has received all necessary documentation, payments and completed forms.

For incorporation Dominica companies can issue a wide variety of shares such as registered shares, shares with or with no par value, shares with or without voting rights, preferential or common shares. The issuance of shares in Dominica company formation can be done in any currency.

Under the IBC Act of Dominica, offshore companies are able to operate discreetly because of provisions that require corporate agents to treat the information of any Dominica company confidentially. This confidentiality must be established from the moment that correspondence begins with potential customers with respect to Dominica company registration. For further privacy, nominee directors and shareholders can be appointed so that their names and not the names of the beneficial owners appear on the relevant business documents. Nominee directors and shareholders can be obtained from the moment of company incorporation in Dominica.

In order that (Dominica IBC) Dominica company incorporation takes place, the company to be formed must have at least one member. If there is only one member it is required that the individual serves as both director and shareholder or may serve as director and appoint a nominee shareholder or serve as shareholder but appoint a nominee director. At the time of Dominica company incorporation if there are two or more members, the positions of shareholder and director can be shared among the members. Also, a combination of beneficiary and nominee directors or shareholders can be used.

Dominica companies are granted tax free status from the onset of Dominica company incorporation. Offshore companies that are incorporated in Dominica enjoy a tax holiday of twenty years during which no direct and indirect taxes are imposed any activity, transaction or income of the company. This is one of the advantages of a Dominica company which makes it possible to maximize profits along with the proper and careful use of other offshore entities and tax treaty networks.