Dubai Company Incorporation

Dubai company launching, like Panama companies registration, can take place in one of the Free zones in the country which allows the incorporation of companies with foreign ownership. Dubai companies receive the same benefit which offshore companies benefit from. Dubai offshore company incorporation can be done using one shareholder and one company director. The Dubai offshore companies will pay no local taxes in the offshore jurisdictions. Incorporating an offshore company in Dubai means no corporate taxes, capital gains taxes or income taxes.
Dubai offshore company incorporation is regulated by the Commercial Companies law. An application ha to be made to the Government of Dubai for he incorporation of a Dubai offshore company. A name for the offshore company must lo be sent in for approval. To incorporate offshore company in Dubai a Memorandum of Association must be prepared and filed with the authority responsible for registering offshore companies in the jurisdiction. The information which is submitted is as follows:

• The name of the Dubai offshore company
• The names and addresses of the shareholders
• The particulars of the company directors
• The registered office of the offshore company
• Authorized share capital
• The number of shares and the classes of shares which will be issued
• The rights of the each class of shares issued
• The name and address of the company secretary
• The business activities to be carried out by the company
• The b-laws of the company

An offshore company registered in the Jebel Ali Free Zone can carry out its business anywhere in the world. Offshore firm production, identical to Panama company formation, in Dubai free zones is quickly completed and is also very affordable. Dubai offshore company incorporation has been done for many years and this has helped the jurisdiction become one of the best jurisdictions for incorporating companies. Offshore companies incorporated in Dubai benefit from tax incentives.