Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Hong Kong offers its company incorporation which has many tax benefits even if the jurisdiction is not your typical tax haven. Hong Kong offshore company incorporation provides a business company which can engage in international trade and other lucrative business activities. Offshore enterprise construction, like Belize companies formation, in Hong Kong can be completed in one working week. This can be done by agents in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

For Hong Kong company registration just one shareholder of any nationality is needed. The minimum number of company director needed is one as well. Corporate directors and shareholders are allowed for Hong Kong company registration. Offshore company incorporation laws in Hong Kong allow the use of nominee directors and shareholders for offshore company formation. A company secretary must be appointed as stipulated by offshore company regulations in Hong Kong. Before Hong Kong Company incorporation can be completed a company name has to be permitted by the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

To incorporate offshore company in Hong Kong a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are prepared and filed with the Companies Registry in the jurisdiction. Information which is included in the documents is listed below.

• Company name
• The registered address in Hong Kong
• Names and address of shareholders
• Names and addresses of directors
• A description of business operations the company plans to undertake
• Proof of address and bank references for directors and shareholder who are not residents of Hong Kong
• The authorized share capital

Hong Kong company incorporation documents must be accompanied by a registration fee which must be paid by all companies in the jurisdiction. Depending on the nature of the business to be carried out by the Hong Kong offshore company a special license is needed. A Hong Kong company which carried out no local business or a company which does not engage in business with Hong Kong residents will pay no local taxes. Companies which do business in Hong Kong will pay local taxes which are se