Nevis Company Incorporation

The island of Nevis has consistently been offering professional Nevis company incorporation services. Agents that incorporate Nevis companies are authorized and licensed to do so and comprise a set of trained, experienced legal professionals.

Once Nevis company formation has taken place, a Nevis offshore company acquires legal personality and is capable of purchasing, selling lending and pledging shares, making donations to educational, scientific and charity organisations, appointing and dismissing directors, having a corporate seal, having interest in real property, suing and being sued, lending money, investing and reinvesting funds. Nevis corporation incorporation is a necessary process that enable Nevis companies to assume their role as legal persons and therefore cannot be bypassed if intended to be used for doing business; which essentially would render the ‘incorporation’ of the company defective.

After Nevis LLC formation companies are expected to have a registered agent who is resident in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. In the Nevis incorporation process, registered agents are used and must be appointed customers are not able to directly incorporate through the Companies Registry or other government agency. Lawyer services are required for the preparation of Nevis organization founding, identical to Panama companies registration, documents, making the use of a registered agent necessary and convenient as the facilitator of the Nevis company incorporation process. This also removes the necessity of traveling to the jurisdiction since Nevis companies can be incorporated by the registered agent who is responsible for having the company documents shipped to the customer’s address.

Nevis company registration can be done in less than one working day as long as all relevant identification documents and forms are submitted to the agent. Nevis company incorporation (Nevis LLC or Nevis IBC) cannot occur if the trade name chosen for the offshore company is not approved by the Registrar. All trade names must be unique, be a true representation of the business activity undertaken by the company and not be offensive in any way.