Offshore Incorporation

Offshore incorporation has become more in demand as more and more people scramble to protect their wealth from taxes and prying hands. The incorporation of offshore companies is nothing new as this has been ongoing for many decades. Offshore companies formations, as example Belize companies formation, can be carried out in many countries at very affordable rates and in a timely and efficient manner. The offshore incorporation process is much like the procedure followed to incorporate a regular or onshore business company. Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association must be completed for submission to the registering authority for offshore corporation creation, like Panama company formation. The Registrar of Companies will issue the offshore corporation with a Certificate of Incorporation if all the offshore incorporation requirements are met. To be presented to the Registrar of Companies is the following: the name of the company, the authorized share capital, the types of shares the company will issue, the number of shares, the par value of each type of share, the names of the company directors and shareholders and the by- laws of the offshore company.

When considering offshore incorporation there are a few points to bear in mind; is the offshore jurisdiction of choice reputable? One should consider incorporating in an offshore jurisdiction which has established a good reputation. The offshore jurisdictions to consider for offshore incorporation are the one with modern and strict legislation which protects the interest of offshore companies registered in that jurisdiction. For offshore incorporation it is imperative that the potential owner of an offshore company choose a jurisdiction which is politically and economically stable which will ensure the safety of assets placed in an offshore company. Another point to consider when choosing an offshore jurisdiction for offshore incorporation is the telecommunications infrastructure in place in that country. It is important that the offshore jurisdiction have modern telecommunications which would mean that the business of the offshore company can be done without having to pay a visit to the offshore jurisdiction every time changes are being made to the structure of the offshore company or to deal with changes in offshore companies’ documents.

When considering offshore incorporation choosing a jurisdiction with little or a very low tax rate is the best choice. This means a direct saving in taxes which makes for a more profitable offshore corporation. Most offshore companies pay a registration fee and an annual license fee which is set at very affordable rates. The fees for offshore incorporation and the annual license fee vary in the different offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore incorporation means choosing a registered agent in many offshore jurisdictions. The offshore company formation legislation of some offshore jurisdictions clearly states that the services of a registered agent must be employed for offshore company formation. The laws are so strict that offshore incorporation of a company will be denied if the services of a registered agent are not used. The registered agent has the responsibility of filing incorporation documents and informing the Registrar of companies of any changes made in the structure of the offshore company. Persons wishing to incorporate offshore must choose a registered agent who has a reputation for being professional, efficient and responsible. Before choosing a registered agent the prospective company owner should ensure that this person has been licensed by the appropriate government agency in the offshore jurisdiction.

Offshore incorporation can provide a company owner with a very competent business company. Offshore companies can do business anywhere in the world. These companies are very easy to maintain and manage. Offshore incorporation itself is not time consuming, this is done in twenty four (24) hours in many offshore jurisdiction.